Even with around eight to ten feeds of breast milk or formula a day your baby may have a growing appetite, a sure sign that she is getting ready for solids which can be introduced at six months old. She may also start to make chewing motions.



If your baby is sleeping through the night, always change the nappy after the bedtime feed if wet or dirty to avoid nappy rash.



At this age, babies still don’t have 20/20 vision, but can see well at different distances and can focus their eyes together without crossing. By five months old, your baby can now tell the difference between two shades of the same colour, but still prefers primary colours such as red, blue and yellow.


Hearing & speech

Your baby may start babbling now and try to have a ‘babbling’ conversation.



Between four and six months of age most babies are able to sleep through the night and this means a stretch of eight to twelve hours. However many babies still wake up more than once at night for feeds until around six months.


Weight gain

By four months old your baby has usually doubled his birthweight. Total weight gain will vary: the most important thing is that it is regular.


Physical development

Your baby can roll over, only one way for now.

She will start to try to clap.

She will also start to reach for objects. Tummy time each day will encourage this and can be incorporated into nappy free time too.

Start thinking about baby proofing your home ready for crawling.