In the first three months, most babies experience a growth spurt which increases their appetite, so feeds may be more regular for a while.



Some babies react with a small amount of diarrhoea after immunisations and are at a greater risk of nappy rash. Check your baby’s nappy regularly to avoid the onset of nappy rash caused by leaving the skin in contact with wee and poo for prolonged periods. It may be an idea to keep sudocrem handy to manage nappy rash symptoms at this time by using Healing Cream at each change.



Your baby will start to track objects with her eyes by three months of age and can recognise your face.



At 12 weeks old, most babies start to listen carefully to different voices and go quiet when they hear someone familiar. Your baby will continue to be startled by certain sounds in the environment. This is perfectly normal.


Weight gain

Between three and four months of age, your baby will gain approximately 900g at a rate of about 28g per week, which should continue until they are seven months of age.



At three months old, most babies sleep for a total of 15 hours a day, which includes naps and night sleeps.


Physical development

Your baby is now able to smile in response to your smiles and laughter. She can hold her head steady and at a 45 degree angle when having ‘tummy time’.