What causes nappy rash?

The most common cause of nappy rash is when the baby’s bottom is in contact with a dirty nappy for a long period of time or if the baby has a bout of diarrhoea. The main causes are:

  • Wee in contact with baby’s skin
  • Ammonia released after wee and poo mix, inflaming the skin
  • Friction caused by the nappy rubbing against your baby’s delicate skin
  • Washing detergents not thoroughly rinsed out of reusable nappies
  • Certain triggers including weaning, teething, vaccinations, illness and antibiotics


You can help to sooth and protect as well as prevent nappy rash by using Sudocrem at every nappy change.


When is nappy rash more likely to occur?

Nappy rash can affect your baby’s skin at any time and the cause can sometimes be unclear. It might happen simply because some babies have naturally more sensitive skin and are more prone to the condition. However there are times when babies are at increased risk of nappy rash, such as:

  • During teething
  • Changing from breast to bottle feeding
  • When your baby feels unwell (if your baby has a cold their stools may be soft, which can make nappy rash more likely)
  • After antibiotics (which can upset a baby’s digestive system causing diarrhoea)
  • Starting on solid foods
  • Sleeping a full night for the first time (so their nappy may be changed less often)
  • Drinking cow’s milk for the first time