My daughter was born with a rare illness called pierre robin sequence. She suffered a stroke at 13 weeks which caused her diagnosis of cerebral palsy and epilepsy. She was having 3 seizures per day when she was approved for a seizure alert assistance dog. We were over the moon but it was going to cost us $20000 which we did not have. We live in East Gippsland and people heard about my daughter and her story and they got together businesses friends family her primary school and radio stations and fundraised donated and continued to spread awareness for us about my daughter and raised the money for her. In 4 months we had the money to change her life and her day to day functioning . The local community were incredibly and we are forever greatful for their amazing act of kindness to my daughter and our family.

Alisha H

My son had cancer , he was celebrating his 3rd birthday in isolation for a bone marrow transplant. A member of the public (unknown)found out and organised a little party to be delivered to my sons room, Balloons , presents , toys all left with a birthday wish. A member of the public brought us all to tears as this random act of kindness made an awful day for my son a little less painful. He still has one of the teddies ❤️❤️❤️

Amanda D

My dad likes to walk my dog (golden retriever) and they became friends with a local guide dog (labrador) and his owner. They noticed that there weren't any off-lead dog parks in our community, so my dad and his friend petitioned for a park to be created. It wasn't easy but eventually, they managed to convince the local council, and the park was built! Now, many dogs and their owners are able to enjoy some off-lead fun in our area. If I were to win, the charity of choice would have to be a guide dog or eye health organisation.

Michelle H

My 2 year old son was on a walk through the park and a council worker stopped excavating to allow my son to hop into the excavator, absolutely making his day.

Nick S

We have recently found out my dad has lung cancer and my sister has taken him in to look after him while he undergoes chemo soo my act of kindness is making sure others like my sister are also taken care of, by helping her out sending up food/ dinner/ sending gifts invitations for dinner and company/ taking my dad to appointments picking up her son as I know it’s easy to burn out as a Mum when you put others first, as she is doing so selflessly but I like to do lots of little things to make that persons life easier on them!

Charlotte D

I have found I’m a great pumpkin grower farmer by accident and I have produced many and I have shared them around to my neighbours and friends

Tracy W

When it comes to parenting the most of the people thinks it s mom' responsibility or very little to the dad. But I wanted to take parental long leave to take care of my kids. And my wife proudly working full time. I feel this way or this simple kind of activity will make her more confident to face this society as proud mum.

Merrytto B

All you can change is your way of thinking and what you do from here moving forward.

Like they say… You need to focus on your future, not your past

If you think negatively, you will only see a negative side to most things. If you think positively and try to find a positive within a negative, that is when you can be happy. Happiness begins when you learn to heal and let go. When you eventually accept the things that you can not change

Remember… A heavy suitcase Becomes much lighter When you decide to empty Some of the contents You no longer need

Madison H

Happiness comes in greater measure through giving. Myself and my husband are living in Australia by ourselves. No immediate or closer family members are here. All are in our native country srilanka. I have a son who is 3 years old. And a baby just 6 months old. When I go to labour for my second delivery we don't have anyone to leave my son. I had to go through emergency so I very much needed my husband support. We can't take our toddler to the birth unit or even to the hospital. That was our biggest problem more than my delivery. Lots of questions who? Where? When? How? So and so. But no answers.

Luckily just a friend of mine offer a help saying that she can look after my son on the day of my delivery. You know my pain started at 11.50pm midnight. We really hesitated to call her on that very midnight. But we had to. She came within 10 minutes to the hospital and take over my son. My husband could able help me with my delivery. That day that simple help would never forget in my life. Whenever I remember that day I feel thankful for her. This Act of kindness was made my whole family so grateful. I learned simple act of kindness could also make biggest impact in someone's life.

Tharsika B

Just last Friday I attended the Variety (the children's charity) Spin 4 Kids day where a group of 10 ride on spin bike for 5 hours for charity!

Caitlin B

I spent over a year volunteering in South and Central also did volunteering in Africa and Nepal. I did orphanage placements English teaching and animal rescue and rehabilitation centres. There is so many wonderful people I met and animals I got to care for and it was a wonderful experience I would totally do again. I will share two memories from these experiences. One day when I was working in Nepal I visited a temple with two of the children on a day trip one came on my shoulders and the other held my hand the kids were so grateful and happy to go on an adventure and they practice their English the whole day. We went and bought ice-cream and they never had it before. The children called me Big Brother which was so sweet because I am the 5th kid in my family so it was wonderful to have such a compliment.

One of the most memorable experiences from the animal shelter was in Guatemala. There was a dog that came in had mange all over its body its tail cut off and was biting everyone. I was able to do the vaccinations and dress wounds every day and feed the dog. I got to do rehabilitation and take care of her. She came in biting everyone but warmed up to me so much she became such a beautiful and loving dog from one that was just scared. It was actually scary when first meeting her but then when she use to jump on me when I dressed her wounds in joy it was kind of funny and cute. I will never forget the wonderful experiences at these places.

Tim N

As a new mum life has been filled with changes. Things have become more challenging physically emotionally, mentally and financially! At Christmas time I went and checked the mail and found a Christmas card with $20 in it. No name as to who it was from just a “merry Christmas and best wishes for the new year” and $20 bill. It might not seem like much but it was very heart warming and apprenticed as new parents.

Samantha C

Simple random act of kindness from a local member of the community has generously paid for our breakfast order in drive thru meant the world to a single working parent in such hard times like these and for that act of kindness I will be paying it forward at a random time to another family just as the same kind gesture has been done to me and just shows what kind people we have within our community. Thank you

Marie R

We make dolls for kids in need. These dolls go out to foster kids in communities hospitals and any where that there is a need. The kids love that these dolls match their skin colour so become an integral part of therapy. It is so much easier to break down barriers if the doll looks like you.

Sandy H

"Hi, my name is Keeley and I turn 18 this week. I spent years lost in the education system. You see I turned my vision into a reality by creating the charity Keeley’s Cause. I am the founder but I also spend my days working at my regular job completing my education and raising awareness and funds for children living with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities.

Keeley’s Cause uses the funds raised to purchase iPads for children diagnosed with Autism or an intellectual disability who are lost in the education system. We donate these iPads and they are theirs forever.

It is my goal to make sure that no child is left behind and that we all have a chance to learn. The whole $10k prize package would be incredibly valuable to purchasing additional iPads this year.

Keeley J