Solving Nappy Rash in 6 Easy Steps

1. Good Quality Nappies
Ensuring moisture is drawn away from the skin

2.Prevention Is Better Than The Cure!
Keep baby in a clean and dry nappy

3. Clean & Dry
During each change, clean & dry the skin with cotton wool & warm water or an alcohol-free baby wipe

4. Apply
Use a zinc-based barrier cream (Sudocrem) after each nappy change to prevent moisture and irritants reaching the skin

5. Nappy Free Time
Allows the skin to dry and to be exposed to fresh air

6. Do NOT Use:
Talcum powder or antiseptics on Nappy Rash


Download 6 Easy Steps Treating Nappy Rash

Sudocrem Healing Cream soothes and protects. Helping with symptoms of nappy rash such as
redness, swelling, heat & discomfort.

The best approach to nappy rash is to prevent it in the first place. You can read more about preventing nappy rash here.