Baby And Child Skincare; Tips To Keeping It Healthy

From the day they are born, our new baby’s skin is one very hardworking part of the body and the right baby skin care is important. The skin is the largest organ of our body and it protects us from the elements. It assists us in regulating body temperature, permits us to experience sensations such as cold, heat and touch. Our skin has so many important functions and there are a myriad of products out there to help care for it. Understanding which are the right healing and skincare creams for you, which treatments can be used for skincare conditions like nappy rash or which type of baby eczema creams we require, can be overwhelming.



If we understand a little more about the skin first, this can be a good place to start. Our skin is very absorbent, so anything you put on your baby, toddler or child’s skin, needs careful consideration. Add to this, our skin continues to grow and change as we do.


Our skin has three layers including the epidermis, which is the outermost layer. This provides the waterproof barrier and is what creates our skin tone. The dermis is the layer underneath the epidermis and it contains our hair follicles, sweat glands and connective tissue, and the deepest layer made up of more connective tissue and fat is the hypodermis. Understanding the basics about the skin can help inform your decisions around which baby and child skin care products to choose.


Choosing what skincare products to have handy in your family ‘tool box’ will depend on the conditions and types of skin your children have. Skincare products are typically about providing something the skin needs. For example, baby nappy rash may require a nappy rash cream like Sudocrem or another type of emollient cream.  Babies or children experiencing eczema may need an effective baby eczema cream, or skin rash treatment.


The types of skincare and products to keep handy and things to consider may include:

  • a baby nappy rash cream, which may be used right through to toddler years. Sudocrem is a soothing emollient cream to assist in managing minor skin problems including nappy rash, chapped skin and minor burns.
  • a mild and gentle non-soap cleanser.
  • a general moisturising, low fragrance cream for when your child may be struggling with a little bit of dry skin and for after bath time.
  • be mindful of bubble bath products – some can remove the natural oils skin produces, so choose bathing products that are gentle, low or no fragrance, or that are natural – read the labels. This applies to whatever age or stage your child is at.
  • antibacterial soaps and lotions, while they sound good because you want to avoid germs, can irritate the skin. So keep a close eye on how your baby’s skin reacts to these kinds of products and look for baby skin care creams, emollient creams and eczema creams that are proven and have good feedback from other parents and professionals.


So don’t be overwhelmed, you shouldn’t need too much and of course the best thing to do is speak with pharmacists and healthcare professionals for advice. Keeping on hand a series of proven and useful multipurpose products including a product like Sudocrem which supports dry and chapped skin, nappy rash, eczema, minor burns and rough skin, is a good way to go to ensure you have what you need on hand.